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At Southgate Academy we believe that in order for our students to have a well-rounded education, exposure to the arts is necessary. Students discover a knowledge and appreciation of the arts that leads them to potential growth in the core aspects of education: reading, writing, and math skills. Students are given the opportunity to find their own voice as they pursue music, visual art, and drama. As they discover their artistic abilities, they become intoned to their specific cultural diversities and the awareness of the similarities we all have.

 Every student has within them a natural curiosity for the arts. We give them opportunities to develop this curiosity into a structured talent that when enhanced can give the student the ability to pursue a career or lifelong love of that new found fine art skill. The product is significant, but the process is where the emphasis lies. The process includes: student self-esteem and confidence being strengthened, raw talents becoming sharpened into fine tools of mastery, and the life of the student enhancing by being a part of an art form that transcends time. The Fine Arts Department of Southgate Academy is dedicated to providing students opportunities for discovering their individual artistic voice.