Home of the Gators

​    ​Southgate Academy k - 12

    Welcome Gator Parents:

You are encouraged, and provided the opportunity to become involved with school

activities that are intended to enhance their knowledge of our school, and provide a

means for them to work cooperatively with the school toward the betterment of our

school’s academic mission and the enhancement of their child’s academic performance. Parental activities and opportunities that are provided at Southgate Academy include the following:


Parent/volunteer activities: ​​

Book Fair, classroom assistance,

Field trip chaperones

Extra-curricular support

Committee participation

Participation in individual educational planning.


Parental activities are provided with the intent to maximize parental participation. Most activities are provided in the evenings so as not to interfere with a parent’s work schedule.

For more information, contact the schools Chief Academic Administrator or our front desks receptionist for volunteer fingerprint requirements or see student handbook.


Communication is vital to the effective success of your child’s education and the operation of our school. We are using technology to reach out to our parents and community. An email list has been created for your convenience as another method of keeping our school community informed, If you have an email and would like us to send you information regarding school events or Newsletters, you may fill out the form to the right with your information.