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Directing your Arizona taxes to Southgate Academy instead of the state government is a great way to support public education. Arizonans who pay state income tax, even those who have no children in school, may participate.

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the taxes you owe to the state. It reduces your tax liability (the amount you owe) by the amount you donate. This means up to $400 for married couples and $200 for a single taxpayer or head of household.

Here’s how to participate:

Make your check payable to Southgate Academy.
You may donate up to the tax credit limit all at once or you may make in installments within the calendar year.
You may also donate only a portion of the allowed amount, such as $100.
Bring your form filled out along with a check to Southgate or mail it to the school.

Remember the deadline to donate tax credits is December 31st !

PDF Forms:

Tax Credit.pdf

Tax Credit-Spanish.pdf