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Founded by Sherry Matyjasik in 1999, Southgate Academy opened its doors in September 2000.  The Academy is committed to serving the unique needs of financially disadvantaged students.  As an alternative school, we believe that all students have the right to learn and are able to demonstrate a higher level of academic achievement and personal integrity to family, community, school and self, through an integrated educational experience.

          “As the founder of Southgate Academy and the MACILOS Program, I am lead by the heart, not by the mechanics.  I strongly believe that if you can win the heart of a child, you will be a tool that is used to bring them a vision for success.  It doesn’t matter what ethnic background a child is from, the financial status of their parents or what side of town a child lives on, single family home or homeless, ‘Win their heart and they will respect and trust your leadership.’ ”                                              
                                                                      -Sherry Matyjasik,                                                                                                  Founder

 *For more information on Southgate Academy’s unique MACILOS program (Making A Change In Lives Of Students), tab reference on top.

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