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2024-2025 School Year Enrollment and Registration

Parents want schools that develop great students AND great people, but traditional schools are very limited in how they can work with your unique child. When you send your child to Southgate Academy, you send them into a whole community that gets to know our students and their families so that you and your child are truly seen and heard.

Enrollment begins with our New Student Enrollment form. This quick and easy form allows you to send us information about you and your student and begins the enrollment process.

Returning students and newly enrolled students must register for the each school year through our Regsitration Portal.

Dedicated to developing the WHOLE child.

As an alternative school we believe that all students have the right to learn and are able to demonstrate a higher level of academic achievement and personal integrity to family, community, school, and self through an integrated educational experience.

M.A.C.I.L.O.S - Making A Change In Lives Of Students.

Based in part on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, our M.A.C.I.L.O.S. program goes beyond academics to help students lead fulfilling lives by discovering the world outside of their community.

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South Tucson's best FREE after school program

Southgate Academy has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs Arizona Alliance to offer free admission and transportation to their after school program at the Roy Drachman Clubhouse. Students have access to games, equipment, and physical and wellness opportunities.


Our values

“When students feel seen and heard, they are equipped to do what they need to do in order to go where they want to go in the world.”

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that if you can win the heart of a child, you will be a tool that is used to bring them a vision for success.  It doesn’t matter what ethnic background a child is from, the financial status of their parents or what side of town a child lives on, single family home or homeless, ‘Win their heart and they will respect and trust your leadership.

Our Mission

The mission of Southgate Academy is to successfully promote a higher standard of education,establish a safe environment for learning and social development, and enable students to become lifelong responsible citizens.

As an alternative school Southgate Academy Charter School is committed to serving the unique needs of our “at-risk” youth.  It is our mission to provide a mutually respectful environment where faculty and staff encourage and celebrate student academic successes and develop a genuine sense of value and belonging through social reinforcement activities.  

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