Southgate Academy allows parents and guardians of enrolled students and prospective students (“Parents”) to visit, tour, and observe its classrooms. All visitors must check into the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge. Visits, tours, and observations are by scheduled appointment only. Southgate Academy may refuse to allow any visit, tour, or observation that threatens the health and safety of students and staff. The following steps are required if for any Parents who wish to visit their child’s classroom more than three times a year.

  • Southgate Academy requires Parents to submit a fingerprint card to the schools for a federal and state criminal background check, which will be valid for one calendar year only.
  • To successfully complete the criminal background check, Parents must not have been convicted of, admitted committing, or be awaiting trial for allegedly committing any criminal or felony offenses against children or adults in the state of Arizona or in any other jurisdiction.
  • Alternatively, Parents may obtain a fingerprint clearance card through the Department of Public Safety valid for 6 years. Applications for this process are available upon request at the school or by contacting the Department of Public Safety Directly at (602) 223-2279 for further assistance.
  • Southgate Academy does not allow student’s friends or relatives, including younger brothers and sisters that are not enrolled in Southgate Academy, to interrupt the daily academic schedule. At no time will teachers be allowed to set up an appointment with Parents during regular school hours.

Parent Campus Visitation Policy and Procedure

  • Parents visiting classrooms during school hours must sign in with the front office.
  • Parents must wear their visitor badges at all times.
  • Parents may not interrupt the teacher during instruction.
  • Parents who want to meet with teachers should e-mail or telephone teachers to schedule an appointment. School-wide Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled throughout the school year.
  • During visits, Parents may not record staff or students.
  • Parents may not address or discipline a student for his/her actions.
  • Parents must follow all rules designated by teachers while in the classroom.
  • Parents may not extend preferential treatment to their child/ren at any time. (Students must continue to follow school rules and procedures)
  • Parents must sign out after completing their visit.
  • Parents may occasionally visit their child during lunch provided they have signed in the front office and have administration approval.

We encourage parent volunteers in the school. Parents must prearrange times to volunteer with teachers or school staff. At no time is a visitor or volunteer to be in an area of the school except that the individual has been assigned or approved to visit.At no time will a visitor or volunteer interact with any student(s) without the direct supervision and presence of a Southgate employee unless the individual has a valid, Arizona-issued Fingerprint Clearance Card on file with the school and is approved by the school to interact directly with students.

Southgate Academy prohibits drugs and alcohol possession and use. This policy applies to all students, employees, visitors, and volunteers.